.UK Rights of Registration

If you have previously registered a co.uk domain, it is possible you may have had a .uk equivalent domain reserved for you.

Do I need a .UK domain?

It is expected that sometime in the future the .UK domain extension will become the default extension for UK business eventually replacing the .co.uk. Most countries already use a simple two-letter ccTLD for their web addresses and it is expected we will shortly do the same. Anyone owning or registering a .co.uk website address was given five years of exclusive rights to acquire the shorter .uk variant. The expiry of these reserved domains is shortly coming to a close and we have a choice to renew the domain or allow it to expire.

Reasons to register

  • Use on your website as it’s shorter and will become easier for customers to remember.
  • To protect your domain from similar variants used for fraud or by competitors.
  • If it becomes the domain of the future, can you afford to lose yours.
  • The domain can be pointed to your existing site with no additional work.

Reasons not to register

  • There isn’t any guarantee that we will be moving to the .uk extension.
  • Ongoing domain renewal costs for unnecessary domains – currently £17 per year.
  • You are happy with your .co.uk extension and you would not be concerned if anyone bought the .uk extension of your domain.

If you would like me to check the availability of the .UK version of your domain, please contact me.